Monday, March 9, 2009


Molson's used a slogan to sell its "Canadian" brand of beer a few years ago. It was called "I AM CANADIAN!".
It was actually a pretty funny bit of advertising. Its about not being a lumberjack, not living in an igloo, not eating blubber, or riding a dog sled. It points out some of the funny misconceptions Americans have about Canadians. Now I must say that I have no desire to live anywhere else in the world. I love Canada! I love the unique things that make Canada special. I love hockey, skiing, boarding, sledding, Tim Horton's (really craving a double, double right now), universal health care, etc. You get the idea I could wax poetically about my love for Canada all day.

However this morning the thermometer was stuck (it may have actually froze) at -44 Celsius (-47.2 Fahrenheit). I really can't describe the cold. It is against the law to leave your pet outside in this weather. People consider this inhumane treatment of an animal. Occupational health and safety draws the line at -45 Celsius. You can't stick fluffy who has a fur coat outside in this weather, but dummies like me will stand outside and work.

I guess my brain shrank too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Starting Point

Where to start?????????


I guess the best place to start is to give a brief description of my life and who I am.

But who am I?????

This blog is a journey, my journey. A journey to where I'm not sure, but feel free to come along.

I am happily married to a fantastic woman (some may know her as Mighty Morphin Mama, I call her my better half). We met when we were quite young, fell in love, and started a family. We now have 5 kids and a baby girl in heaven. We have had our struggles along the way, but with God's grace we are just fine.

My oldest is 14. He is a delight to have as a son. He is responsible, hard working, mature, darn good looking if I might say (a lot of people say he looks like me). The boy is kind, caring, and has a heart of compassion. We call him "The Boy". The name comes from The Simpson's television show. If you don't know who Springfield's most famous family is crawl out from under your rock and turn on your tv.

Next is "Blonde Boy", my 11 year old son. He is a handsome young man (again the similarity to dad), smart, and talented. The child is a natural comic, he and the boy are constantly breaking into monologues from various movies.

We had a little girl that we lost at 20 weeks. We named her Kalila, and she would have been 7 this year. This loss in our family also came at a point where I started to work away from home. I think I did this as away of coping. I ran and didn't deal with it right away. Its funny how you try to run from God, grief, relationship issues, emotional issues. The issues never get dealt with, God never leaves you, the problems don't go. You just hurt and try to mask them with a smile. We will continue this subject at another time.

MMM and I have a 5 year old boy whom we refer to as "Monkey". He truly is all boy. From the time he wakes up its is go, go, go. He never stops until he is a sleep. He is always running, jumping, kicking, climbing, punching. He has the most amazing mind. I love preschooler minds. The questions and thirst for why is amazing.

Our fifth child is our "Girly". She is a girl's girl. She has no problem with being the only gal. She identifies with her mom a lot. She has this amazing ability to give of herself. She is only 3. She will put her hand on your cheek, stare into your eyes and listen when you speak. She then with very carefully tell you what it is that she wants to say. Then she trots off and joins the herd.

Finally we have the baby. Mama refers to him as "Zed". He is 6 months old and changing everyday. I love the giggles and cuddles.

My wife deserves an award. I am a hard hat, work boot, coveralls, lunch pail kinda guy. I work really long hours (at times 80hrs+ a week), I may be on day shifts or nights, in town or on the road. She stays home and watches the herd and is at times the only adult on the preserve. Okay, even when I'm home she's the only grown up. She is a incredible friend, wife, lover, an inspiration when I feel down and the most Godly women I know.

I am an avid hockey fan. Its almost an obsession. My favorite team is the Oilers, however I follow hockey in general. I admit I follow Junior hockey, minor league hockey, and the NHL. Actually if a puck is involved I'll watch, cheer, or play. I have obsessions for the Packers of the NFL, and the Eskimos of the CFL. I also enjoy the UFC, NBA, MLB, really anything. Well not everything, I don't get soccer or NASCAR.

I think the reason that I don't get NASCAR is that I have no attraction to any of my cousins or sisters.