Monday, March 9, 2009


Molson's used a slogan to sell its "Canadian" brand of beer a few years ago. It was called "I AM CANADIAN!".
It was actually a pretty funny bit of advertising. Its about not being a lumberjack, not living in an igloo, not eating blubber, or riding a dog sled. It points out some of the funny misconceptions Americans have about Canadians. Now I must say that I have no desire to live anywhere else in the world. I love Canada! I love the unique things that make Canada special. I love hockey, skiing, boarding, sledding, Tim Horton's (really craving a double, double right now), universal health care, etc. You get the idea I could wax poetically about my love for Canada all day.

However this morning the thermometer was stuck (it may have actually froze) at -44 Celsius (-47.2 Fahrenheit). I really can't describe the cold. It is against the law to leave your pet outside in this weather. People consider this inhumane treatment of an animal. Occupational health and safety draws the line at -45 Celsius. You can't stick fluffy who has a fur coat outside in this weather, but dummies like me will stand outside and work.

I guess my brain shrank too.


Big Doofus said...

I love that commercial. It was very informative for me as an American. I learned everything I know about Canadians from Bob & Doug on SCTV.

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'll make it a point to check yours out regularly.

Roger (Big Doofus)

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